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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on the disease Cryptosporidiosis Essay

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on the disease Cryptosporidiosis - Essay Example Cryptosporidium hominis, Cryptosporidium parvum, Cryptosporidium meleagridis, Cryptosporidium felis and Cryptosporidium canis have been identified as the major types of Cryptosporidium that cause infection in humans. While presence of C. canis, C. felis and C. meleagridis has been confirmed in AIDS patients. They have the capability to infect both immuno-competent and immuno-compromised individuals (Tzipori, p. 884-886). It considered an important source of morbidity and mortality in young children. Every year about 400-500 people in New York alone are infected by the parasite. It has been known to cause short term diarrhea in young children but if severe may even cause long term problems in immuno-compromised persons (Guerrant, p. 707-13). This parasite is usually found in the soil food and water, or surfaces that are known to come in contact with feces. It is how ever not known to spread via contact with blood (CDC). Most Infections tend to spread by the oral-fecal route. That entails the droppings of an infected animal and the transmission of the parasite via the mouth. This parasite can also spread by person to person, by eating contaminated food and by drinking contaminated water. It is in fact because the parasite is transmitted via the oral fecal route that it is often found in people with poor hygiene, diapered children and people with diarrhea. The infection can also spread by eating contaminated, uncooked food and also by touching hands which may be infected with the parasite to the mouth. Exposure to feces via sexual contact may also be one more source of infection (CDC). Never the less it is important to note that a short term infection may have long term consequences (Guerrant, p. 707-13). The degree of in fection is usually directly related to the severity and onset of disease. Some adults with incompetent immune systems such as seen widely

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Judaism and Hinduism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Judaism and Hinduism - Essay Example Religions exist around the world the world to guide the spirituality of people. They tend to explain the source of everything and life after death. They guide people with their morals and beliefs (Clack and Clack 2). Two of the religions are Judaism and Hinduism which are two of the oldest major religions in the world. The history has proven their credibility in providing the path toward enlightenment for the believers as they have millions of followers. Similarities and Differences Judaism began 4000 years ago as a Middle East religion and its people are known as Jewish. As centuries passed, many Jews or Jewish people had lived in various nations at present; they cover over 100 countries (Faelli 5). On the other hand, Hinduism is another religion that exists since 3,000 or more years in the past. The people of that religion are called Hindus who once lived along a river in India. The famous Indus River became Hindu to describe that group of people. The Hindus have varying beliefs but many similarities classify them under the religion they call Sanatan Dharma (Symmons 4). Both religions exist for a long time but they started from different places. The comparison of the two religions would be seen in the succeeding paragraphs.

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STEEPLE and Balance Scorecard Essay Example for Free

STEEPLE and Balance Scorecard Essay When a firm uses an external consultant to solve a problem or evaluate an opportunity the consultant can use STEEPLE (social, technological, economic, environmental, legal, and ethical), which is a preliminary analysis technique to answer why the business organization or systems exist (Wickham, Wickham, 2008, p. 128). This analysis the consultant preforms helps to determine how the firm business fits in its external environment. The consultant can also use the balances scorecard to measure the financial and non-financial performance of the firm. The consultant will use the STEEPLE and Balance Scorecard to analyze Phillip-Morris introduction of its electronic cigarettes in the market. In addition, the consultant will make any recommendation to Phillip-Morris from the results of the STEEPLE and Balance Scorecard analysis. STEEPLE Analysis The STEEPLE analysis is and extension of the PEST analysis. The PEST analysis acronym stands for; political, economical, social, and technological factors the firm may face in its external environment. This analysis is a form of system analysis that provides a structure for examining elements from the larger system of which the firm is a part of (Gustafson, 2002, p. 134) The STEELPE analysis includes the factors of the PEST analysis with the additions of the legal, environment, and ethical factors the firm can also face in its external environment. The consultant will examine the seven external environmental factors to solve the firm’s problem or opportunity in the market: Sociological factors are trends and attitudes that can affect buying behaviors. The negative publicity that firms, such as Phillip-Morris on the effects of smoking cigarettes, has altered societies view of Phillip-Morris. This has led to millions of individuals to stop smoking to improve his or her health st atus. Technological factors- Technology is constantly changing. This trend is that advanced technology generates new questions. The question for Phillip-Morris is does the firm have the knowledge for the design, production, and delivery of the product? If not, where can the firm gain the knowledge to produce such a product or use a third party to produce it. Economic factors- the consultant will look at if the target market can afford the product. In addition, the consultant must look at if the Phillip-Morris can afford to borrow the necessary funds to produce the product. Environmental Factors- The consultant look at how the e-cigarettes will be packaged and what type of chemicals is going to be used in the production of the product. Depending on the package materials and the chemicals that are used in the production of the product can have a negative effect on the environment. Green issues are important in society today, and the firm must take the issues of protecting the environment in consideration when producing any product. Political and legal factors- relates to the government of a countries federal, state, and local law passed by various governmental agencies. In this analysis the consultant must look at what laws and the attitudes of government agencies have been made for regulating smoking e-cigarettes. Ethical Factors- The consultant must look at how the product will be packaged, design and the marketing campaign to entice consumers to buy the product. This is because the negative publicity cigarettes firms marketing, packaging, and design its products to minors. If the product is produced to make smoking e-cigarettes is â€Å"cool† this can have a negative impact on the company, because it can entice minors to use the product. After conducting the STEEPLE analysis the consultant must determine where the firm has strengthens, weakness, thre ats, and opportunities in the internal and external environment. Phillip-Morris has a negative sociological factor regarding the views of consumers who uses the firm’s products. This negative view has made millions of customers to stop using the firms products. The technological factor, Phillip-Morris has does not have the knowledge of producing e-cigarettes. The firm will have to rely on a third party to produce the product. With the company not having the technology or the technical know how to produce e-cigarettes the price of the product can be very expensive. This has a negative affect on the economical factor, because many consumers may not be able to afford the  product. In addition, by the firm using a third party to produce the product the firm does not assume the risk of borrowing the necessary funds. The firm will not have any negative environmental factors of producing the product, because the third party will assume the risk. However, Phillip-Morris does impact the environment with its current production of making cigarettes. In the political and legal issues the firm can face is very limited. Phillip-Morris will have to comply with federal, state, and local laws governing the legal age requirement for purchasing the product. The firm will have ethical issues if the packaging, design, and marketing is promoting the alternative way of smoking as â€Å"cool.† This can entice young society members to purchase and use the product. However, if its marketing, packaging, and design is to provide adults an alternative and health way of smoking. This will show society that the firm cares about the health of its customers and those who are affected by second hand smoke. Balance Scorecard The balance scorecard gives the organization a total management system to help clarify its vision and strategy. In addition, this technique gives the usable data for the organization to take appropriate business actions, provides feedback to the internal business processes and the external outcomes to improve the firms strategic performance. According to the article â€Å"Using the Balance Scorecard,† written by Kaplan and Norton (1996), (pp. 75-85) the balance scorecard has four perspectives of: Financial Perspectives- Phillip-Morris must balance its business functions which as been allocated across the organization. If the Phillip-Morris decides to increase its economic growth it can do this through a productivity strategy. Phillip-Morris can lower the direct and indirect expense to improve cost, or reduce working and fixed capital to utilize its assets to support the business Customer Perspectives- The value proposition of the customer is the mix of products, price, service , relationship, and Phillip-Morris image. With this perspective Phillip-Morris will have to take on its competition. The company will have to differentiate its value proposition. Phillip-Morris can do this by selecting different operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leadership. Business Process Perspectives-This matric allows management to understand how efficiently the organization is performing. It also helps Phillip-Morris to understand if  its products or services is meeting the customers needs. In addition, this perspective makes sure that the organization is align with the four high level business process of: Building franchises Increase customer value Achieving operational excellences Phillip-Morris becoming a good corporate citizen Learning and Growth Perspectives- This perspective looks at the employee career growth, training, and the corporate culture for individual and the firm’s self-improvement. In addition, it looks at the knowledge enhancements that Phillip-Morris has to communicate with employees and a mentor program. If Phillip-Morris can enhance employees learning and growth it can have a workforce to meet the firms strategic position. These perspectives allow the development of metrics, data analysis, and collection for the firm. Phillip-Morris is the largest tobacco firms and has a clear objective for its current and potential stockholders. This objective can be to improve the financial side of the firm. In this case the firm has the motivation to have long-term shareholder value, and avoiding the ethical issues that is associated with tobacco companies. By doing this Philip-Morris will neglect the customer, business process, and learning and growth perspective of the balance scorecard. Phill ip-Morris must develop a different business strategy to have a more balanced scorecard. Recommendations The STEEPLE analysis shows Phillip-Morris has a negative sociological and technological factor. There are no environmental factors in producing e-cigarettes, and the political and legal issues will be the same as other tobacco products. The ethical factors can be a negative or positive depending on how the company package, design, and market the product. Phillip-Morris balance scorecard focuses on the financial perspective, while neglecting the three other perspectives. With Phillip-Morris focusing on the financial perspective, and without the technical know how. It is recommended that Phillip-Morris look for a third party to produce its e-cigarettes. It is also the recommendation for Phillip-Morris to enter in a joint venture so it can gain the technical knowledge and have a complete  balance scorecard. References Gustafson, K. (2002). The future of instructional design. In R. Rieser J. Dempsey (Eds.), Trends and issues in instructional design and technology (pp. 333-343). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merril/Prentice Hall Kaplan, R.S., Norton, D.P. (1996, January-February). Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. Harvard Business Review, 74(1), 75-85. ESBCO Host. Wickham, P., Wickham, L. (2008). Management consulting: Delivering an effective project (3rd ed.). Harlow, England: Pearson

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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Essay -- essays research papers

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill ABSTRACT In March of 1989, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker ran aground on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska. An eighteen foot wide hole was ripped into the hull, and 10.9 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the ocean. In the following weeks, many things transpired. This paper will discuss the cleanup, the damage, and the results of the biggest oil spill in United States history. On March 24, 1989, in Prince William Sound Alaska, the Exxon Valdez was moving South West after leaving Port Valdez. The ship was carrying over fifty million gallons of crude oil. When the Valdez was only twenty-eight miles from the port, it ran aground on Bligh reef. The bottom was ripped open, and 10.9 million gallons of North Slope Crude Oil spilled into the frozen Alaskan waters at a rate of two hundred thousand gallons per minute. The remaining forty-two million gallons were off loaded. In the ensuing days, more than 1,200 miles of shoreline were hit with oil. This area included four National Wildlife Refugees, three National Parks, and Chugach National Forest. Within hours, smaller tanker vessels arrived in order to off load the remaining oil. Unfortunately, the cleanup effort was hindered by an inadequate cleanup plan that had been created during the 1970's. These plans outlined how an oil spill would be handled, including provisions for maintaining equipment such as containment booms and "skimmer boats." The plans also called for a response team to be on twenty-four hour notice. Unfortunately, the plans were good on paper only. A spill of this size had not been anticipated. Therefore, the response teams had been demobilized, and the equipment that was supposed to be ready at all times was either too far away or nonexistent.. Precious hours were also wasted as Corporations, the Alaskan State Government, and the National government argued over who should take control of the situation. The arguments ensued after debates over who would pay for what, who was responsible for what, and who would do the best job. The local fishermen were a big help with the cleanup effort. They battled with the oil in order to protect their industry. Many fisherman were seen in row-boats in the small coastal inlets. The fishermen work... ...industry in Alaska, so there has been much concern over the welfare of the fish. Many natives also live by subsistence fishing. Pink salmon and herring were the two species that people were most concerned about. Pink salmon is the biggest commercial fish in Alaskan waters, many people were afraid that the salmon population would need years to recover, however, studies have shown that the effect of the oil on spawning, eggs, and fry was negligible. Chromatography tests have also shown that there are no hydrocarbons in the flesh of most of the fish. Those that do have hydrocarbons in their flesh have a level that is so low as to be measured in the parts per billion range. Herring is also a huge commercial fish in Alaska. The 1988 catch yielded twelve point three million dollars. In 1989, after the spill, herring was declared "off limits" to fishermen. However, this was compensated by a salmon catch that was six times as big as it had been in 1988. In 1990, when herring fishing resumed, it returned to normal levels. The damage to the fishing industry was not nearly as bad as had been anticipated. Usha Varanasi, director of the NOAA's Environmental Conservation Division in S

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Spectroscopic Determination of Iron with Phenanthroline

Experiment A Spectroscopic determination of Iron with Phenanthroline Unknown # 2 Mass of Mohr’s Salt: 0. 2040 1. 5mL of 6M acetic acid was measured and transferred into a 100mL volumetric flask with a pipette and diluted to the mark. Concentration= [0. 2040(Â ±0. 0001)g/100(Â ±0. 08)mL]*[(1mol/392. 16g)/(1L/1000mL)] = 0. 005202(Â ±0. 09382%) = 0. 005202(Â ±0. 000005)mol/L 2. 10mL of the above stock solution was transferred to a 250 mL volumetric flask and diluted to the mark. Concentration= [0. 005202(Â ±0. 9382%)mol/L]*[10(Â ±0. 02)mL/250(Â ±0. 12mL)] = 0. 00020808(Â ±0. 22607%) = 0. 00020808(Â ±0. 0000005)mol/L 3. Standard error of burette is 0. 02mL in every reading. Solution| Desired Volume| Absorption 1| Absorption 2| Average Absorption| Standard 1| 30| 0. 662| 0. 664| 0. 662| Standard 2| 25| 0. 544| 0. 546| 0. 545| Standard 3| 20| 0. 43| 0. 434| 0. 432| Standard 4| 15| 0. 317| 0. 309| 0. 313| Standard 5| 10| 0. 222| 0. 217| 0. 2195| Standard 6| 5| 0. 113| 0. 112 | 0. 1125| Unknown 1| | | | 0. 096| Unknown 2| | | | | 4.Sample standard concentration calculation with standard 1, Concentration= [30(Â ±0. 02)mL/100(Â ±0. 08)mL]*[0. 00020808(Â ±0. 0000005)mol/L] = 0. 000062424(Â ±0. 2807%) = 0. 000062424(Â ±0. 0000002) 5. From the Calibration curve of Absorbance Vs Concentration, we know the equation of the graph is : y = 10553. 63(Â ±190. 5558)x – 0. 00363(Â ±0. 007721) Where, y is the absorbance and x is the concentration. We know the absorbance of the unknown is 0. 096. Therefore, 0. 096 = 10553. 63(Â ±190. 5558)x – 0. 00363(Â ±0. 007721) x= [0. 096+0. 00363(Â ±0. 07721)]/ [10553. 63(Â ±190. 5558)] = 0. 00000944(Â ±7. 957%) = 0. 0000094(Â ±0. 0000008) 6. Standard Concentrations| Uncertainties| Average Absorbencies| 0. 000062424| 0. 0000002| 0. 662| 0. 00005202| 0. 00000013| 0. 545| 0. 000041616| 0. 000000108| 0. 432| 0. 000031212| 0. 00000007| 0. 313| 0. 000020808| 0. 00000006| 0. 2195| 0. 000010404| 0. 00000005| 0. 1125| SUMMARY OUTPUT| Column1| Regression Statistics| Multiple R| 0. 999348603| R Square| 0. 99869763| Adjusted R Square| 0. 998372037| Standard Error| 0. 008293572| Observations| 6|ANOVA| Column1| Column2| Column3| Column4| Column5| | df| SS| MS| F| Significance F| Regression| 1| 0. 2109807| 0. 2109807| 3067. 32299| 6. 3634E-07| Residual| 4| 0. 000275133| 6. 8783E-05| | | Total| 5| 0. 211255833| | | | Column1| Coefficients| Standard Error| t Stat| P-value| Lower 95%| Upper 95%| Lower 95. 0%| Upper 95. 0%| Intercept| -0. 003633333| 0. 007720895| -0. 4705845| 0. 66245106| -0. 025069975| 0. 017803308| -0. 025069975| 0. 017803308| X Variable 1| 10553. 63322| 190. 5558304| 55. 3834181| 6. 3634E-07| 10024. 56542| 11082. 0102| 10024. 56542| 11082. 70102| 7. Isobestic point is a specific wavelength at which two chemical species have the same molar absorptivity. A pair of substances can have several isobestic points in their spectra. In a 1-to-1 chemical reaction that involves a pair of sub stances with an isobestic point, as long as the sum of the concentrations of the two molecular entities in the solution is held constant there will be no change in absorbance at this wavelength as the ratio of the concentrations of the two entities are varied.This is because the two substances absorb light of that specific wavelength to the same extent. We do not observe any isobestic point in this experiment because we did not scan through the entire spectrum but rather chose a wavelength at which the species have different molar absorptivity. Besides, if we were working with an isobestic point, we would not be able to obtain changes in absorption with changing ratios of concentrations. 8. Transmittance is the ratio of the radiation falling upon a material, to the radiation transmitted through a material.Absorbance is negative logarithm of transmittance. Molar absorptivity is a measurement of how strongly a chemical species absorbs light at a given wavelength. From Beer’s la w we know that, A=? bc. Therefore the absorbance is proportional to the concentration. 9. A solution of Fe34- would show a violet-blue color at an absorbance maximum of 562. And if the absorbance maximum were 414, a green-yellow color would be observed. The spectra for absorbance maximum 562 are sketched in the following: The spectra for absorbance maximum 414 are sketched in the following: 10.There could be instrument related sources of error. Stray light could be a problem since the detector responds to all the light that reaches it. In liquids, the extinction coefficient usually changes slowly with wavelength, which could add to the possible errors. There could be errors from the measurement uncertainty of the results. There could also be errors while preparations of the standards, due to presence of impurities in the apparatus which may lead to discrepancy in the calculation of the concentration. 11. Van De Water, Leon G. A; Jaap A. Bergwerff, T.Alexander Nijhuis. UV-Vis Microsp ectroscopy: Probing the Initial Stages of Supported Metal Oxide Catalyst Preparation. J. Am. Chem Soc. 2005, 127(14), pp 5-24-2025. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO host. University of Minnesota Lib. Twin Cities. Minneapolis. MN. 05/02/12. In this article UV-Vis microscopy is used to monitor macro distribution and speciation of the catalyst precursor species. Through this experiment more detailed information on the structure-function correlation of the catalytic material is obtained. Koeppet, Benjamin; Tolstoy, Peter M; Limbach, Hans-Heinrich.Reaction Pathways of Proton Transfer in Hydrogen-Bonded Phenol Carboxylate Complexes Explored by Combined UV-Vis and NMR spectroscopy. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 113(20), pp7897-7908. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO host. University of Minnesota Lib. Twin Cities. Minneapolis. MN. 05/02/12. In this article better insight about the tautomeric states of the H bonded anions, and the solvent configurations were obtained from UV-vis time scale. The UV-vis absorptions were broadened inhomogeneously because of distribution of the H-bond geometries from the different solvents.

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Essay about Assisting Support Customers with Food and Drink

Unit 4222-222 Support individuals to eat and drink Outcome 1 Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink Outcome 1 1. To establish with an individual the food and drink they wish to consume is always done by chose but also considering any dietary issues that need to be incorporated. The use of customers care plan will first give you a brief outline of there allergies (if any), likes and dislikes so no what not to include within there choices. Then the next step would be direct communication with the customer themselves using there chosen form of communication. This could be verbal, both (words or sounds), then there’s Mackiton , sign language or pointing to an object. Also use of eye contact,†¦show more content†¦The hand washing procedure includes, wetting hands up to the higher point of the wrist, use the ant-bacteria hand wash provided paying attention that all areas of the hand and wrist rinse thourally and then use the hand towels provided to dry the hands/wrist. 3. When Supporting customers to prepare to eat and drink you must be aware of there individual needs, this information can be found in the customers care plan and communicating with other carers, parents/gardens and working professionals. The correct form of communication for that individual is needed to ensure they fully understands there choices and we understand there response. Also knowing what level of support is needed for each customer so we can work in a personal centred way helps to empower an individual and helps them progress and gain more independence. 4. Providing suitable utensils to assist the individual to eat and drink may be providing such as a ridged plate from an individual That may find it difficult to scoop up food independently or providing a plastic coated spoon for a customer to reduce the risk of any accident and provide comfort when assisting them with eating and drinking. Different materials types and sizes of cutlery may be needed to assist indicial customers with there eating and drinking, such as plastic cups if the weights are to heavy for them to handle independently. Outcome 3 1.To promote an individuals dignity, comfort and enjoyment while eatingShow MoreRelatedCross Cultural Perspectives On Business And Management1249 Words   |  5 Pagesconcern over the increasing number of health problems that are associated with fast foods. Childhood obesity and the possibility of such issues will likely double in the next decade† (Johansen, 2012). The rapid changes in dietary trends and the rise of health complications have made people call on fast food companies to regulate their food production. In fact, McDonald has responded to the issue by introducing healthier food options, using poised lifestyle messages on their marketing campaigns and raisingRead MoreDescription Of A Successful Weight Loss Program872 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen very successful with customer satisfaction. Currently, Love Spa offers all types of pampering packages that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. After months of consideration; our management staff has decided to add a new weight loss program. In addition to adding the key workout program the spa will include cooking classes, consultations with a dietician, and dine-in/take-out restaurant and full bar that serves only low calorie, high protein foods and drinks. 2. Market Overview TheRead MoreBusiness Analysis : Starbucks Cafe Practices1139 Words   |  5 Pagescommitted to is their one hundred percent ethically sourced coffee. From the Starbucks corporate website in relation to ethically sourced coffee: â€Å"We take a comprehensive approach to ethical sourcing, using responsible purchasing practices; farmer support; economic, social and environmental standards; industry collaboration and community development programs. The cornerstone of our approach is Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, one of the coffee industry’s first set of sustainability standardsRead MoreRaising the Bar on Revenue in the Golf Industry1131 Words   |  5 Pagesparticularly challenging. If different services are bundled together (at a lower cost), it will offer these customers with more value and better services. This will help the facility to stand out among these demographics of golfers. (Raising the Bar on Revenue, 2010) (Beditz, 2008) The long term members are those individuals who spend more time at the club. They are willing to support different activities and projects. This group of consumers wants outstanding service and an atmosphere that makesRead MoreThe Denotation Of Multination Corporation ( Mnc )1582 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical economy. Coca-Cola has nearly 900 plants, along with 24 million retail customer outlets worldwide. The Corporation is a public franchise. The ownership and structure is a crucial component. Because it is publicly owned, anyone can buy a share of the business and make a profit from it. Coca-Cola is typically known as one massive Corporation, yet that could not be any more of a miss conception. Coca-Cola owns 80 drinks across 20 different billion dollar brands. All of which can be recognized byRead MoreThe Worlds Largest Chain of Fast-Food: McDonalds2102 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction: McDonald is the world’s largest chain of fast-food chain of restaurants, which operates in the 119 countries of the world. It serves the 68 million customers daily. The company was first started in 1940 as small hamburger stand in California by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948 it started to sell the hamburgers. In 1955 Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent and then there was a massive growth for the company. The primary products of the McDonald’s are hamburgers, cheeseburgersRead MoreIntroduction to Franchising1357 Words   |  6 Pagesfranchisor is committed to do business with franchisee since franchisor s income is dependent to franchisee s income. If both sides failed to support each other, neither of them would likely to be unsuccessful. When a franchisee buys the rights to operate under franchisor s name, an initial fee is occurred. The initial fee will be used for training and assisting to launch the business and then franchisor and franchisee will be sharing the success story. There will also be a fee for management servicesRead MoreManagement Aspect3834 Words   |  16 Pagesâ€Å"CHIRZ† is the name of the product a vegetable drinks made primarily of blended vegetable such as carrot and squash. In recent years more and more people have come to realize the importance of eating and living healthy by selecting the all natural foods. This interest in healthy living and the subsequent learning of the life giving values of food prompted researchers on different health drinks, majority of which are focused on developing vegetable drink. These beverage come in one blend squash andRead MoreRaising A Healthier Generation Of Children1369 Words   |  6 Pages In 2010 the lives of students in over 100,000 schools in the United States changed quite dramatically (What). The beloved junk food in the vending machines, high calorie lunches, and sugary drinks sold at schools were forcibly removed. Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) made the first major changes in school meals in 15 years (School). Although the initial reaction from students has been quite negative, this program is beneficial to schoolsRead MoreEssay on Sex Tourism in the Philippines1181 Words   |  5 PagesHer salary is only up to P500-700 pesos per night since she only receives half the price from the bar fine although this only happens when a customer rents her for a night. Blowjobs and other sexual favor only reaches up to P200 and even lower. All of the customers are usually foreign men. Men from all over the world come visit here to have a good time, drink cheap beer and more often than not buy even cheaper women. Old or young, attractive or not any of those quali ties doesnt matter in Fields Avenue

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How I Learned to be the Person I am Today Essay - 811 Words

A person’s life is a journey filled with bumps, detours and dead-ends while the route is shaped by the people, places and experiences that litter the path. It does not matter if a person graces your life for a moment or for a lifetime, each one helps guide our destination by helping define who we are and who we will become. These relationships bring us the many tools that we will need along the way. My parents and friends have given me great roadside assistance by teaching many ethical principles. Because of them, honesty and acceptance are two core values of mine that will be tremendous assets in a future business career. I was born and raised in Minnesota by two loving parents who valued truth and honesty. They always told me that†¦show more content†¦They will also be confident that I will conduct myself with open communication both inside and outside of the company, treat my customers and clients fairly and not mislead anyone with bad information or unrealistic expectations. Honesty will help me be a good colleague to my co-workers because I will give them proper credit for the things that they accomplish. Growing up, I learned many things from my parents, but I also learned values from my many high school friends. Every kid wants to be accepted, but the school years can be tough. In my high school there were many labels for people and if someone did not fit those labels they had a hard time feeling like they belonged. My friends were not the typical athletes, musicians, or students. We were a mix of kids who saw things differently and looked different. We had long hair, wore edgy clothes and listened to music that was not a favorite among our peers. We often felt that teachers and other students judged us, so we worked hard at accepting others and treating others with respect. If anyone wanted to be a part of our social circle, we happily accepted them no matter what color their skin was, how they dressed, or wore their hair. I learned that everyone has something to offer if you give them the chance and open your mind to them without judgement. In high school, I reached ou t to a person that I would notShow MoreRelatedI Am A Problem Solving Skills970 Words   |  4 PagesToday in class I learned a lot about problem solving and how to have good problem solving skills. Having good problem solving skills is an important skill every single person should have. We run into problems every day that we need to be able to figure out on our own. I wouldn’t say I am a bad problem solver, but I would definitely say that my problem solving skills could improve. In order to have good problem solving skills, you need to have good critical thinking skills as well. Today in classRead MoreThe Importance of School652 Words   |  3 PagesThe place where I developed into the person I am today is my school. Consider how important school is to a teenager. It is the social hub, a place for arts and athletics, and it is a place of learning. I put in what a working person would call a full shift, and by doing so I have learned a tremendous amount, not only in terms of my coursework, but in terms of interacting with others, learning what people expect of me, and learning how to be a better person, so that I am better prepared for collegeRead MoreSocial Class, Religion, Gender And Many Others876 Words   |  4 PagesEvery person on this earth has an individual human experience shaped by the larger social forces of race, social class, religion, gender and many others. I am very lucky to have had the experience I’ve had so far, growing up in a loving home with very supportive parents and living in a wealthy town with a good education system. All of these aspects, along with many others, have influenced my beliefs, as well as how I have gotten to where I am today and who I have become. To the eye, I am a whiteRead MoreReflection Essay1638 Words   |  7 PagesThe first thing that I learned from this class was by The Dominican Charism â€Å"The Dominican passion for truth presumes a confidence in the intellect’s capacity for discerning truth and for reaching a level of clarity that enables both teacher and student to distinguish truth from error, and distortions and half-truths from the truth† (Charism) It made me more motivated and confident in what am doing today. Having a connection between the student and the teacher is nice, especially when the teacherRead MoreEssay on Hospice: My Life Changing Experience740 Words   |  3 PagesMany things have shaped me into the person I am today. Some of them are so insignificant I cant even place them, but others I will remember until I take my very last breath. I will never forget what happened to me and my family since the time my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Because my mom had cancer for a good portio n of my childhood, I became very mature, gained a new respect for people, and I have developed a new outlook on life. I had to become very mature very quickly after my mom got sickRead MoreMy Family Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pagesit have helped shape my life in many ways. I am very close with who I consider my family and the meaning of this could differ from person to person. To me, family consists of people who you love, trust and care for. I also consider some of my friends and teammates in this category as well.   Family and friends, sports, and my health are the main components of my life. These subcultures have helped define my life and have shaped me into the person I am today.  Ã‚  Ã‚   Having a loving and supporting familyRead MorePersonal Essay Personal Statement748 Words   |  3 PagesEver since I was six years old, my family’s expectations have been clear. This has led me to strive to become the most successful version of myself as possible, through either academics, or community service. Not only was I raised in a household of successful men who made their lives through the military, then business. But, their wives were prominent members of their communities. By watching the women around me, demonstrate their compassion. I learned kindness costs nothing, and anyone can makeRead MoreSmall Town Essay709 Words   |  3 Pagesraised in a small town, I constantly viewed my hometown being small as a bad thing. Throughout middle school and high school, my tiny town was a place I used to look forward to leaving, it definitely was not a place I thought I would find myself missing. The second I left my small town, I could not wait to go back home. I didnâ€⠄¢t acknowledge how special it was to grow up in a town where I knew everyone and had the ability to leave my front door unlocked without worrying while I ran around town runningRead MoreI Was The Shy Kid Essay1337 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I was a young child beginning a leader was not a quality that was normally associated with me. I was the shy kid, usually immersed deeply within a book, dreaming of faraway lands and strong protagonists to save the day. The only time I was a leader was inside my day dreams. Within my everyday life I was surrounded by the strongest leader a small child could know. They were able present any vision to their group and make it grow, they knew how to build their members up, protect them, and loveRead MoreMy Parent s Relationship With My Parents1674 Words   |  7 PagesThe course of my parent’s relationship as I was growing up has a lot to do with how I view relationships; but aside from my parents, my mother’s family had a lot to do w ith some of the norms and values that I have today in regards to sexual relationships and sexuality. Along with learning about sexual relationships based on the view of my family, I also learned and have been affected in my adult life about gender roles as well. My parents were my main source of learning about relationships. My